TV-review: The Last Kingdom

The Last Kingdom may not be only about Vikings… but its a hell-of-a-serie

Netflix’s series The Last Kingdom is based on a time when England was not aligned, but the Danish Vikings had conquered almost the entire country. Only Essex had remained an independent territory that had not been conquered by the Danes. How much real history there is in the series and how much story, let everyone stay and study themselves, but for lovers of the struggles of that time, the series is good entertainment.

The Last Kingdom is a British historical fiction television series based on Bernard Cornwell’s The Saxon Stories series. It premiered in 2015 on BBC America, BBC Two and later in 2018 on Netflix. The series stars Uhtredina Alexander Dreymon, kuninggas As Alfred by David Dawson and Bridana by Emily Cox. The characters growing next to the show’s protagonists may quickly come to an end in this raw world, but some of the characters last from season to season.

Alfred the Great defends his kingdom. At the same time, the Sax-born but Viking-raised Uhtred demands rights of his birth.

The Last Kingdom tells the story of Uhtred, who lost his own lands in north Humbria to his father’s brother and his older brother also fell victim to Danish Vikings. Uhtred, however, dreams of getting the title back to himself one day. but the problem is the gap years of childhood, which he spent among danes, as a Danish, adopted child.

The story would be boring if everything were this simple, so it is not just Uhtred is going through a tough time, as are the Danes who have come to England and dream of good countries, riches and conquering the entire island nation.

The story also includes the God of the English, and the Gods of the Vikings – although the battles are simple, the whole life at that time was simple – the value of men was measured as their value in battles, as sword handlers, and how well they managed to continue their family.

The Last Kingdom tells the story of viking times in England – a time when King Alfred dreamed of uniting all regions of England into one English.  During The Last Kingdom, men didn’t live long anyway, so going to war was really the only way to get some property.

The story has plenty of Uhtred adventures for several seasons and the series is entertainment to watch, but there isn’t too much blood and brutality, but in a reasonable amount. The TV series is also a good example of courage, faith and trust.

There are five seasons of the series. We recommend the series if you like such history-based battle and adventure movies that don’t have too many special effects, witches or shamans – just those basic priests and that one Viking from Udda’s “help,” and the rhyming narrator.

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